Monday, 15 October 2012


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Thursday, 4 October 2012


Has Britain got talent?

If you watch Saturday night TV in the UK your answer might be YES or NO.  On ITV (Independent Television) the programmes Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) and X-Factor have been auditioning singers, acrobats, comedians and even synchronized swimmers(!) to find out who is the best entertainer.
Meanwhile, on BBC 1, The Voice, has also been looking for a great singer. The big idea is that contestants are judged on their voice alone, not their appearance.
But how good are the performers? On both shows a panel of judges give their opinions and decide who has the talent to go through to the next round.
The judges on BGT and The Voice want to sound young and cool. One of the ways they do is through the words they choose. They don’t just say, ‘that was good’; they say, ‘you kicked it’ or ‘you were on fire.’
Next time you watch listen out for the following phrases:
They say They mean
You were on fire You were great 
That was insane That was really good 
You were unbelievable You were really good 
I felt your pain You showed emotion
You killed it / You nailed it You performed that song really well 
You're a risk taker You're confident
This guy is the finished article This guy is already a great performer 
You give it the full monty You give it 100% effort
You need to own it You need to perform with more confidence 
I would fight to the death for you  I would support you completely

Vocabulary in this post

  • audition (verb): to perform for a judge
  • synchronized (adjective): working together at the same time
  • go through to (phrasal verb): continue, pass onto
  • round (noun): stage or step