Monday, 11 June 2012


Nick: This is London and( 1) _______________ me are the Houses of Parliament. Parts of these buildings are more than nine hundred years old. This is where the laws of the UK are (2) __________and created.
The United Kingdom is actually (3) __________of four different countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each nation has its own culture and heritage.
The population of England is around (4) ____________ million people. The English are known for drinking tea, The Queen and (5)____________________.
But what are we really like?
Priest: The English are a(6) ____________ people.
Woman 1 : They’re just ____________  (7) .  
Woman 2 : The English people are very nice.
Woman 3 : They’re so(8) ____________  and so friendly.
Nick: (9) ____________  is in the North of Britain. Just over five million people live there. 
It’s been part of the UK since(10) ____________  . Edinburgh is the capital city and home to the Scottish Parliament. The Parliament building is a work of art in itself!
Scotland has some unique customs: wearing tartan (11) _____________…. playing the bag-pipes…. and tossing the caber; a very large(12) _____________.
For over sixty years, The Edinburgh Festival has celebrated.(13) __________________________.
(14) _____________is on the Western edge of Britain. 
It also used to be a separate country but has been part of the UK for over four hundred years.
(15) _____________three million people live in Wales.
One of its symbols is a red dragon, found on the national flag. The Welsh parliament is in the capital city,(16) _____________. The Welsh are proud to have their language and twenty per cent of the people (17) _____________Cymraeg. Most signs are in English and Welsh.
Singing is an important tradition in Wales. People working in coal mines in Wales originally formed male-only(18) _____________, they are still popular today.
Old Welsh Man: (19) Why did the old Welsh man joined the choir?

Young Welsh Man: (20) do you have to be Welsh to be a member of the choir?
Nick: (21) _____________is also part of the United Kingdom. The country is home to just under two million people. The capital is (22) _____________and for many years, Northern Ireland was a place of conflict.
This beautiful country was considered a dangerous place to visit. The (23) _____________ lasted until recent years when the peace process brought both sides together. Now, (24) ________________ share power in the Northern Ireland assembly.  
The flag most often used for Northern Ireland shows the(25) _____________; a symbol with a long history in this part of Ireland and a (26) _____________which shows links to the rest of the UK.
The culture in Northern Ireland is rich in myth and legend.
(27)One story says that………...

Irish dancing is popular in Northern and Southern Ireland and has been exported around the (28) _____________.
Irish Dancer: Irish dancing is special because you have to have good posture, arms by your side and crossed feet. I love Irish dancing because it’s(29) _____________ exercise and a lot of fun.
Nick: The four countries of the UK have different traditions. But those differences are also
(30) _____________and make the UK what it is today.